Monday, April 15, 2013

I’m Thinking About Buying Some Gold Bullion Bars

I’ve been thinking about buying some gold bullion bars for a while, now. Gold is a good investment, right? And I already have some gold bullion coins. Now I have enough money saved up to actually buy the bars – those lovely, dense, stackable gold bullion bars that are 99.9% pure gold.

According to the investment experts that I’ve been reading – like Bullion Supermarket  – gold bullion bars are a good investment right now, while our financial future in the U.S. is a mess and countries elsewhere, like in Europe, are having money troubles of their own. And then there’s all of that political instability all over the world – every time I turn on the news it seems like there’s fighting and wars. That’s scary, too.

But gold – specifically gold bullion bars – are a good investment and will protect me and my family against that kind of instability. Gold maintains its value, even when paper money does not. And that’s important because everyone knows that we’re headed for a recession.

If something horrible were to happen, I’d have my gold bullion bars and they would allow me to get through the rough times. After all, gold is the ultimate form of monetary wealth, recognized, desired, and accepted all over the world. The gold bullion bars I am buying now could be converted into cash, should it ever come to that.

More optimistically speaking, though, the gold bullion bars I’m going to buy are for my retirement. Better than stocks, which go up and down so often, fluctuating over the silliest little things, gold is stable and is projected to remain stable in the future.

I could even sell a bar or two to help my kids get through college or in case of some sort of family emergency. These gold bullion bars are going to be there for us when we need them, and they really are a great investment for the future.

As for where I’m going to be buying my gold bullion bars, I’ve been doing a lot of online research – looking at prices, availability, customer service, shipping costs, and shipping policies – and while there are a lot of companies to choose from, I’ve decided to go with Merit Gold. Overall, I really like their pricing / mark-up and shipping options, and their customer service reps know their stuff and didn’t try to strong-arm me into buying stuff that I didn’t want. So Merit Gold is my choice for buying gold bullion bars.

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