Monday, May 6, 2013

Should I Buy Silver and Gold for an Investment?

For much of human history, we have valued precious metals, especially silver and gold. In today’s world, we not only appreciate the unique beauty of these metals, and use them in our jewelry and to adorn ourselves, but we also buy silver and gold for investment purposes.

Making the decision to buy silver and gold, when one is looking at the purchase as an investment, is a wise call to make. Readily available in bullion form, including bars and coins, when you buy silver and gold, you are buying a tangible investment that will pay-off in the long run.

According to most investment advisors, it is essential that everyone’s investment portfolio be well-diversified, which means including at least 15 to 20% precious metals in the composition. This is should be reason enough for you to consider buying silver and gold. Another good reason to buy silver and gold is that these metals are easily converted into cash, should that need arise. Even better, their worth is fairly stable, meaning that your money will be safe, instead of buying additional stocks whose values can plummet on the slightest market rumor of poor sales or potential earnings forecasts.

The demand for precious metals is ever-increasing in the global marketplace, with both economic powerhouses of China and India gobbling up much of the silver and gold on the market. In the U.S., the technology and manufacturing sectors are also large consumers of silver and gold and that demand is forecasted to continue to grow. Now is the time to buy silver and gold, because your metals are going to increase in worth as the world demands more of these increasingly-scarce precious metals.

According to an article on Resource Investor (, looking at the interest rates in the U.S., and assuming – as many do – that they are going to continue to climb, “…then that would be even more bullish for precious metals and bearish for conventional assets like bonds and stocks.” For the savvy investor, putting money into precious metals, making a buy of silver and gold, is an excellent call.

When you do decide to buy silver and gold, do your own research, look at the various types and weights of these metals available, familiarize yourself with the market and pricing, and make an intelligent decision.

Should you buy silver and gold as an investment? Only you can make that ultimate decision; however, I think it’s a good bet that it’s an excellent choice that will strengthen your portfolio and pay-off in the long run.

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