Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where Can I Buy a Bullion Bar?

New investors interested in gold often wonder "Where can I buy a bullion bar?" In fact, buying a bullion bar is one of the safest and easiest ways to buy gold.  The bullion bar is always sold by weight.  The general rule for investors is, to buy the biggest single bar you can, this is because productions costs are added.  A lot of little bars will cost you more than a single bullion bar - even if they add up to the same weight.

Purity is an issue, different parts of the world have different purity standards.  Make sure you are aware of the purity of the bar you are considering.  In the United States, the gold bar limit is typically 10 oz..  The smallest gold bar offered is typically 1/2 oz..

In Europe, they are starting to offer credit card sized gold bars.  Some of these are even sold through vending machines and have little separations to break pieces off as gifts.

With the explosion of gold prices over the last decade it is extremely important that you buy from a reputable dealer.  Look for a dealer with a long term reputation in buying and selling gold.  Make sure they have good customer service and an upstanding reputation in the community.  There are many new dealers springing up trying to take advantage of new investors.  They may not be completely straightforward in matters of purity and weight.  A good dealer will offer you an absolute guarantee of purity and weight and will be completely honest about where the bars were produced.

When you buy from a certified gold seller, you are starting a relationship.  You probably want the option of selling back to the dealer at a future date.  Make sure that the company you buy from will be in business when it is time for you to sell.

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