Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are Maple Leaf Gold Coins a Good Investment?

Maple Leaf Gold coins, designed, minted, and offered by the Royal Canadian Mint, are the official gold bullion coin of Canada. They were first produced in 1979 and the Maple Leaf Gold coins issued between 1979 and 1982 have a gold content that measures .999 gold bullion. Some of the issues, currently, are actually 24-karat gold, which is .99999 pure.

According to the Wikipedia Gold Maple Leaf coin page, the Maple Leaf Gold coins are available in the following sizes and weights, each with a different face value (they are considered to be legal tender, but their actual worth is much more, because of the pure gold bullion that they contain):
· 1/25-ounce, face value of $0.50, Canadian
· 1/20-ounce, face value of $1.00, Canadian
· 1/10-ounce, face value of $5.00, Canadian
· 1/4-ounce, face value of $10.00, Canadian
· 1/2-ounce, face value of $20.00, Canadian
· 1-ounce, face value of $50.00, Canadian

But that doesn’t answer the question of whether or not Maple Leaf Gold coins are a good investment. The page on Bullion.com about these coins says that they are often bought by people in India and other areas of the east, where gold bullion is highly prized. So there is a start to an answer: because Maple Leaf Gold coins are pure bullion, they’re in demand not just nationally, but internationally.

When you’re looking to invest, precious metals are good way to go, especially if you want to diversify your portfolio. While it’s never wise to invest solely in one area, making the decision to buy gold, including Maple Leaf Gold coins, is a good call. Gold holds its value through good and bad economic times, it can be converted to cash when needed, and it’s easily transported and stored (at least in small amounts) at home.

The Maple Leaf Gold coins, because they are pure gold, are an excellent investment choice. When you’re getting ready to buy these coins – whether you’re looking at buying just one or two or many – you should look into online companies selling gold. This will ensure that you’re paying the lowest mark-up, are able to lock in the price that you want, and will be able to have the coins delivered to your home or to a vault (entirely your decision), insured.

One of the companies that you should research is MeritFinancial; they have been in business for many years, have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and they offer the Maple Leaf Gold coins at excellent prices.


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