Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Keep Value of Silver Coins Intact

Who doesn’t love a real silver coin? Whether the silver coin is a silver American Eagle. silver bar or silver bullion, the precious metal has worth, beauty and sometimes a bit of history connected to it. That is why it is very important to know exactly what to do to keep the value of silver coins intact. The answer is simple, do absolutely nothing.

Silver is an organic material, the precious metal is harvested directly from Mother Earth. Over time it is possible for the silver to turn a dull shade, the process is called tarnish or toning. Whatever you do, do not remove that pantina. Polishing silver and making it look pretty can actually lower the value of collectible items including silver coins and silver bars.

While it may be very tempting to take out the 1 oz silver or whatever size silver coin you have been collecting, leave it alone. The more silver is handled, the greater chances of a scratched finish. Additionally, silver is a soft metal and silver coins, silver bars and silver bullion is some of the purest forms of the precious metal and too much handling can actually remove finite portions of the material, reducing the overall of the silver investment.

If you are into buying silver and are adding to your collection from online sources, keep the original packaging that cradled the silver bars during shipping. Of course all silver bullion bought online or otherwise should be inspected and received, but after that it is best to wrap it up (if you do not want a patina, protect your silver investment from oxygen) and forget about it.

Most importantly forget about it. Seriously, after making one note of where the silver bars are stored it is so you never forget, do not talk about your silver investment. Silver prices have the potential of increasing over time. The more people know about your silver coins, the more hands may try to skim the pot.

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